Saturday, July 12, 2008

I climb as towers grow.

So I started my new job last month and is working out well. I mock up promotional merchandise for a company called Acme Apparel (they supply major beer brands). 

So I'm about to spread my wings a bit and get a better place to live. Since it's working well and I really have out grown my apt I thought this would be best. Right now I live in a REALLY small 2 room studio which kind of feels like a bunker or a barracks. In a new place I'd feel more comfortable and I'd have more space to work on my personal work and feel more at home. 

I found a really nice place to where I can feel at home and am moving next month. It's still in Beverly... just a bit closer to my last apt. (near the Bridge). So I hope all will work out because I'm rather excited. Wish me luck.