Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March like

Lastly I made a doodle called necking... I was trying to amuse myself and I like drawing balloon animals. "Necking" also means kissing... so I thought I'd play with necks... lol.

Also my friend's birthday was last week so I make him an illustration. It's a Sam well if sam was an animal. It's a wolf spider monkey hybrid. We've had a long standing joke that I'm a different species other than human (because I don't behave like a human). So I'm sort of his second pet (other than Babby). Well a sam is an omnivore... they LOVE meats and fruit (because I'm a human fruit bat and have a habit of eating raw beef).

Draw for Life volunteering side project

Next came a side project I've been trying to develop over the year. It has NO RUSH but it is something I would like to see happen some day. It's a volunteer group called Draw for Life. It's a group for illustrators, graphic designers, and animators to volunteer their time to design ads for good causes or organizations. Most of us don't have money to donate since we are just surviving ourselves; and while I was on the internet I stumbled across the website for a Haitian Charity and one that was a portfolio site for the country. Unfortunately it was REALLY understated and bland. I thought that perhaps if they had design help they would get more attention and financial aid; so I came up with this group. Artists can ask local organizations to world organizations if they need help with designing ads (from pet shelters to country wide poverty). This is the logo I designed for the group. I'm really satisfied with it and surprisingly it was on my first go.

First off for political view I'm a Progressive... so in the honor of the late Teddy Kennedy who represented the working class and the less fortunate... I figured we needed a brave look since we are trying to make brave and bold statements ourselves. Also I wanted to bring a touch of nature in because really it's meant to be a group that helps EVERYONE. So the tail of the lion and the mane is suppose to look like a palm leaf. Lastly I wanted it to look finished and polished but organic and less ridged so it has somewhat of a "heart" shape to it but an oblong heart.

Blizzard Fan Art Calendar Contest

Also around the same time was Blizzard's Holiday Fan Art Calendar Contest. So I made sketches for Winterveil but ended up doing Noblegarden. I figured it would be less competitive though probably if I had more time and could do it over it would look different or I might have just tested my luck with Winterveil. Either way I love my winterveil sketches so I may make one of them my Winder Holiday Card for this year (most likely the gnome making cookies... she's ADORABLE).

Montserrat Zombie Show Prepping

Next comes January and the zombie theme show for Montserrat Students and Alumni. I had a week off for Christmas from work so I worked on Zealots. Zombies in the natural world. It was going to be a series that would come together as a musical band... but I figured it was a little to far out of the box. So since I hate zombies ANYWAYS. I decided to take the least gross approach. The traditional legend of zombies is a Haitian and African witchcraft basically. Since I'm half haitian I thought it would be neat to look into half of my culture. I also wanted to test working in brighter colors with acrylics.

Christmas presents and commissions

December was gift making time... I painted this for a my friend who loves World of Warcraft. With the next expansion they are adding worgen to the mix of races. Unfortunately they aren't making worgen shaman which would be his ultimate worgen which we talked about on the ride up to his grandparents' house at thanksgiving; so I made him one. I also made the lioness to try and get some commissions on FA. Rosie the Riveter... lol


Also in November sometime I found the site so I submitted this:

It's a portrait of my friends beloved babby (yes babby and not baby... I don't know why but that's her nickname). Her name is Pandora and she's a feisty little trickster. I was submitting it as a figurine with a banana chip base.

Oooo I've gotten behind

WHHHHHOOOOOAAAAA. So my lack of blogging has been brought to my attention. Hmmmmm I've been reading other blogs though *blushes*. I guess I've just been jumping from project to project and chores etc. So I shall fill you in.

Since last October, a friend of mine has moved in. He broke up with his girlfriend and I had a spare couch. Other than that... I've just been working, drawing, playing video games, and crafting.

In November I made this for a friend of mine at Emerson. They have a theater group directed towards kids called Gumbo Yaya and they needed a shirt design.