Thursday, March 31, 2011

Japan Relief Effort Art Auction

Some of the Montserrat Alumni are putting an art auction to raise money to donate to the Redcross Japan Earthquake Relief Effort. We are donating art pieces which we will then have a show and auction off pieces that night. A company has offered to match what we can raise so I'm hoping that we have a good turn out. I know that we are all really excited to do this. And a few of use have strong ties to Japan (remember I went in 2004 and was apart of the club when I was in school). This is my larger piece that I will be donating. I'll have two small pieces to donate as well (which will be a break down of this one... one will be a geisha and the other will be of the koi). I wanted to play on the the Japanese flag and notable images that people think of when they think of traditional Japan. So I wanted it to look grainy like parchment. I applied the single red dot in the three images. I may add some text characters but if not it shall remain as this. Along with this I'll be making 5 dozen apple pastries. Sooo I've planned to take a half a day then to get to work and help.

Get well little Zoe

Also since January, one of my little cousins were sent to the hospital with a staff infection that infected her leg and foot. Her mother is well... a step from a complete failure (and I'm not being snotty... it's one of those cases of where she only wants custody for the child support). But anyways... she's only 10... she may be a mature 10 but still 10 none the less. So I wanted to draw her something that would make her smile and let her know that there are people out there hoping that she gets well.

Lost in Wonderland (art updating)

Wow it's been a while since I've posted... I guess it's time I play catch up. Since we last spoke I've been working on a series of project. I wrote another children's book (forlittle kids). I worked on a collaborative project with my best friend, John. I worked and still am working on a collaborative project with Tory (a wonderland themed deck of playing cards for furries). And I made a piece to donate to a charity fund raiser. I've probably done more but I can't remember everything at the moment. So I guess I should post my work and then see where things go from there.

The first four pieces are of commissions I did for the wonderland deck. We have an engineer, a royal court's man, a hunter, and a soldier for hire. The wonderland deck is made up of major Alice in Wonderland characters and just general characters to go with the world or era. We asked people for references of their characters and a chosen role in which they want to play. Roles ranged from labor worker to court royal.