Thursday, March 31, 2011

Japan Relief Effort Art Auction

Some of the Montserrat Alumni are putting an art auction to raise money to donate to the Redcross Japan Earthquake Relief Effort. We are donating art pieces which we will then have a show and auction off pieces that night. A company has offered to match what we can raise so I'm hoping that we have a good turn out. I know that we are all really excited to do this. And a few of use have strong ties to Japan (remember I went in 2004 and was apart of the club when I was in school). This is my larger piece that I will be donating. I'll have two small pieces to donate as well (which will be a break down of this one... one will be a geisha and the other will be of the koi). I wanted to play on the the Japanese flag and notable images that people think of when they think of traditional Japan. So I wanted it to look grainy like parchment. I applied the single red dot in the three images. I may add some text characters but if not it shall remain as this. Along with this I'll be making 5 dozen apple pastries. Sooo I've planned to take a half a day then to get to work and help.

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