Thursday, September 8, 2011

More characters because you know you want them

Lily and Lilowyth Salix - is a willow hamadryad (I say is... because they are one person). 

Over time hamadryads (in this story)... developed this ability to shape shift their forms (which is why she doesn't look like a tree). While it allows them to fit in among humans better, their bodies are more fragile than tree bark which makes them VERY intolerable to flames.

They have the ability to disguise their skin (though not all hamadryads take on a human form... it's merely a generational trend). The one thing they can't change is their hair. Their hair is still somewhat vine like and has leaves on it (which is why she wears a large hat); and rather than flesh their skin still has a pattern of wood rings when you look close enough.

Lily Salix was from 50 years prior to the story. She is the reason why Oliver Cain (the story villain) is who he is. She was one of the first people... well beings... to treat him with any complete kindness without  question, and he's captivated by her look and sweetness. Unfortunately for Cain, he has a childhood bully by the name of Eric Melbourne; and one day Eric Melbourne's bullying goes a little to far which results in the accidental death of Lily Salix. Feeling weak and horrified at the loss of her, he goes on a quest of becoming stronger to protect creatures like Lily; but in turn things get out of control in later years and he ends up using those whom he desired to help.

After Lily's death, all that remained was a large seed in which he brought back to her parental figure (a kobold who's actually the narrator of the entire story); who plants it not knowing that Lily's core was still alive. This in turn produces a second Lily (AKA Lilowyth Salix). her guardian can't bare to call her Lily and encourages her to be different.

They share A LOT in common lol and are physically identical with one exception. Lily wore a necklace given to her by Cain (it's later becomes the group crest... so all members, good or bad, that know about the mythics carrying some form of this crest). She also wore lighter colors and had a more bold personality (which actually is what gets her killed... from protecting Oliver). Where as Lilowyth likes bright colors and doesn't own a necklace. Instead the crest actually appears as a form of birthmark in the center of her chest (where the original necklace rested... her heart). The necklace, while it was hot, burned the marking  into the seed at the accident. She also isn't as courageous as the first Lily. She has a terrible fear of fire.
There is a temple surrounded by man-made pools and contains a god. Within those walls and columns, resting in his hands, is the Lotus (the mythic artifact that can... when open to bloom... floods water but when turned upside down to close... draws in water). In the arch recesses of the temples exterior, like the mighty serpent, sit the nagi priestesses... standing guard and waiting for a possible threats.

Oden Foiergot - Kobold (fiery kobold to be exact) raised both Lily and Lilowyth from seeds and is the one that basically teaches Cain and that group (Milo, Catherine, and Robert) basically everything they know about Mythics and their Artifacts. Personally he has the ability to shape shift, some magic, and has a travel form that's a wisp of red flame which comes in handy since he's secretly that narrator of the story.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Series Progress Update: Charts

So I thought that I would show some of the elements that I keep just to organize my progress through projects and to make sure I don't lose my thoughts. These two are for the "Milo's Study" series. Above is a character relationship chart. Because there are so many characters that meet each other on separate occasions and it involves not only traveling and beings of other species... generations... etc, but the narrator makes references to different things, I keep track of everyone with a Character Relationship Chart. Also it's one thing to write it... but it's always difficult for me to come up with names. So often I'll keep track of who they are but add names later because it often requires a lot of research to find exactly what I want to use. This being a book that has multiple cultures... names are relatively important... I think.

This chart is a Book Progression Chart... which for me it will come in handy more so later on when I have to do large extended edits and proof readings (which I need to stop being so nit picky at this stage until it's more fully written... hahaha). Basically so I can keep track of what phase each book is in. Right now it's more so if people ask how everything is coming... they can keep track by looking at my chart. There isn't a standard length to the books yet. I just wrote down 15 (as in chapters) so I could have room. The writing pattern does have a formula to them though so that it sounds consistent.