Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Series Progress Update: Charts

So I thought that I would show some of the elements that I keep just to organize my progress through projects and to make sure I don't lose my thoughts. These two are for the "Milo's Study" series. Above is a character relationship chart. Because there are so many characters that meet each other on separate occasions and it involves not only traveling and beings of other species... generations... etc, but the narrator makes references to different things, I keep track of everyone with a Character Relationship Chart. Also it's one thing to write it... but it's always difficult for me to come up with names. So often I'll keep track of who they are but add names later because it often requires a lot of research to find exactly what I want to use. This being a book that has multiple cultures... names are relatively important... I think.

This chart is a Book Progression Chart... which for me it will come in handy more so later on when I have to do large extended edits and proof readings (which I need to stop being so nit picky at this stage until it's more fully written... hahaha). Basically so I can keep track of what phase each book is in. Right now it's more so if people ask how everything is coming... they can keep track by looking at my chart. There isn't a standard length to the books yet. I just wrote down 15 (as in chapters) so I could have room. The writing pattern does have a formula to them though so that it sounds consistent. 

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