Sunday, August 21, 2011

Character Teasers 2

Dryewvett Has- Kelpie/ nugel variety. And he's actually one of the bad guys. Master shapeshifter and known as the water horse, he can shift into maidens and a white pony. Regardless of his appearance he is ALWAYS wet even when he looks dry which is why they have called him Dryewvett Has (pronounced hos). He's basically used as a knapper. When he has found what he was sent for he will snaps his tail like a whip as well as excrete mud like fluid out of the glands in his pads on his webbed feet so that when he grabs his catch it will slide without and struggle when pulled. Though he can also excrete a natural adhesive through the pores of his skin so that his find can't escape from his grasp.

Kamida Hiromi- Kitsune (and she's A LOT older then she looks... as you can see nine tails)... master shapeshifter and is old enough to manipulate time and space (not perfectly though). She is being held prisoner (in the middle of a deep water pool) for that talent. As powerful as she is... she has a fear of deep water.

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