Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rán the Goddess of the Sea

I did this piece of years ago. Inspired by the stories of Rán.

Rán is a Norse Goddess (sea)... Rán also means "Robbery". The story of Rán is that she'd capture men as they sailed out to sea. She (by the story) had nine daughters... but for the piece I want to make her more terrifying. Since she isn't out there to be a sincere merfolk.

Well that was YEARS ago (I mean about 4-6 years ago). I wasn't happy with the end results but I liked the concept so this time I made her both beautiful and terrifying. So yes she is threatening and has FAR more than 9 children; but there is an aspect of beauty about her.

*yes I know blue spotted octopi or yellow bellied sea snakes aren't from that region of water but it's fantasy here... :P