Thursday, June 25, 2009

More book progress... !!!!

More book progress... all of the final drawings are done and are in line for paint..... YAY!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Unprofessional clients beware!!!

Friday night and yesterday I made these. They are two mailers and a business card for a DJ in Worcester, MA. He's the brother of a guy my mother's friends with so even though I have projects to work on... I said I'd do it because she asked. 

Tips for you future clients or anyone... please don't think you'll get a date with me because I'm working on your business cards. Asking me my height and what I like to do for fun won't help me when I'm trying to get information about your company. Asking whether I'm single and when I reject you or make a statement leaning toward a polite version of  "It will never happen with you"... and responding "well we can still be friends"... will most likely just offend me to the point that I will  never do a project for you again!!! If you're 50, 400 lbs, and have 5 children...  be sure that I won't give you the option to make changes without astronomical fees... or most likely I'll just send you a disc of the printing files and not allow you to make changes. There's a difference from being friendly to being overly personal. Asking me how my day was while I write down your information is okay. Asking me to go to the movies with you is not. Grrrrrr wtf.

Latest cake sketch!!!

Newest cake sketch... mixing the best elements of the other cake sketches... lol

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cake Commission

I've been commissioned to make a couple's wedding cake for August... so I've been starting to prepare with some sketches. They "save the date card" is done with a cut paper theme and was created by my friend Jackie. The couple is looking to do an artisans style wedding. Rather than going to big producers they decided to use local artist in the area. Jackie did cards and such, Shawn is the photographer, and I'm the cake baker. It's not until august but I've been playing with rough sketches. Their card theme is of cut paper flowers (spiderwort and yellow wood sorrel).

THe Star Fairy continues

The project continues!!! After clearing up some snags in the project we reached some agreement. Hahaha... the author really did no research and ummm didn't realize that illustrating is well LABOR. So I cut him a deal... I'll still be not really getting anything but at least supplies will be covered. I'm going to take it as a gig for exposure. I know some people actually make deals like that to get popular. I wasn't going to take the gig after finding out that he couldn't afford services but I sort of feel like this could be the book that helps my name get out there so that one day I could be a successful artist and live off of my freelance work. So the book project will commence with just a little delay. Here are some ROUGH sketches of the book just to show you the stage I'm currently at. I've made ROUGH sketches of the book to note the placement and event in each illustration. I have lots of things to work out but again it's really just to direct me... like notes and such... but visual notes. Now I'm not going to show them all just ones that are closer to cleaned up and to give you an idea of what's going on. And yes I rough sketch in colored pencil... hehe I don't know why... It's not as easy to work with as pen or pencil... but I can see the layers of work in the sketches with the different colors I use. Well back to work....