Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Draw for Life volunteering side project

Next came a side project I've been trying to develop over the year. It has NO RUSH but it is something I would like to see happen some day. It's a volunteer group called Draw for Life. It's a group for illustrators, graphic designers, and animators to volunteer their time to design ads for good causes or organizations. Most of us don't have money to donate since we are just surviving ourselves; and while I was on the internet I stumbled across the website for a Haitian Charity and one that was a portfolio site for the country. Unfortunately it was REALLY understated and bland. I thought that perhaps if they had design help they would get more attention and financial aid; so I came up with this group. Artists can ask local organizations to world organizations if they need help with designing ads (from pet shelters to country wide poverty). This is the logo I designed for the group. I'm really satisfied with it and surprisingly it was on my first go.

First off for political view I'm a Progressive... so in the honor of the late Teddy Kennedy who represented the working class and the less fortunate... I figured we needed a brave look since we are trying to make brave and bold statements ourselves. Also I wanted to bring a touch of nature in because really it's meant to be a group that helps EVERYONE. So the tail of the lion and the mane is suppose to look like a palm leaf. Lastly I wanted it to look finished and polished but organic and less ridged so it has somewhat of a "heart" shape to it but an oblong heart.

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