Friday, February 27, 2009

So getting the art blogs rolling...

So... I started this blog last year but didn't really have much to say at the time and got a little side tracked. Now things have been rolling a little and I thought it would be good to actually start posting (and often). 

To bring everyone up to speed... I'm still working as a Graphic Designer in Gloucester. The job is going really well and meets the living expense needs... haha; and I am still in a hard pursuit of becoming an illustrator (where my heart truly lies).

I reside in Beverly and moved into a new apt mid of last year. It's roomy and suits me well. In my free time I do my usual (being creative and goofing around hahaha). I currently am finishing up with sending out my second children's book pitch. The story was written by a friend of mine for her Children's Literature class; but I thought the story was so well written and entertaining that we should try and get it published. The story is called "Dark" and is about a young girl who's afraid of the monsters that lurk in the darkness and what she does to cope with them. I'm hoping that this will be the book that gets my foot in the illustration door (sneek peek seen above 1).

I have also been working on my new "Illustrator Identity"... so my website, business cards, and mailers have been redone. I'm going with a similar motif as my old identity but with more of a polished theme (old letters vs new). I kept the spiral backdrop but add more to it giving it a more natural element. Polishing the soft tones is a wax seal and stamps (as seen in my site... I will notify everyone when it is finished and posted) (Sneek peek seen above 2).

Also, I have opened my FA for commissions.

Lastly, I have taken up sewing. I currently have a line of animal electronic cases (fits everything from ipod nanos to touch phones). I take orders and custom jobs and all are sold on This is a formal announcement of the grand opening. I finally opened the shop on Sunday, so feel free to visit (samples seen above 3).

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