Monday, March 16, 2009

Commission Guidelines

Commission Guidelines: 

Caricature Work:
This section more applies to FA and DA... but if there are any other situations this could be used... feel free to ask

Digital Work:

You will receive a sketch before inking (1st sketches are free of charge... $5 for any dramatic changes: meaning you basically want something entirely different). If you are happy with it... it will be inked once I receive payment.

Sketches will most likely be a bit rough... example: 

And "inked"for digital work is generally done in illustrator (that's why they look so super clean)... example:

For those who want just inked pieces... there you go; but for those that dare go to the next level... I do a lot of my digital coloring in either photoshop or corel. Example:

*If you asked for just inked art and change your mind... just make up the cost difference and I'll start the color. Don't be afraid to ask. If you have references... references are ALWAYS appreciated. 

Price List:

Inked Work:

Busts (chest up): $5

Character Only (flat color Background): $10
Additional Characters:  +$5 each
Characters with in simple settings (or implied setting): +$5
Characters with a complex background (such as a jungle scene): +$10

Pokémon, digimon, etc (fanart): one character $7... addition characters +$4 each

Full Color Work:

Bust (Chest Up): $10

Character Only (flat color background): $20 
Additional Characters: +$10 each
Character with a simple setting: +10
Characters with complex backgrounds (such as a jungle scene): +$20

Pokémon, Digimon, etc (fanart): One character $15... additional characters add $7 each

You will receive a print-ready jpeg (aprox. 8x10 300dpi) as well as a screen ready version (approx 8x10 72dpi). I will also post a screen version in my gallery.

Other Digital Works:

*Icons (FA, DA,... blog/portfolio pages) (500x500 and full color): $5 

Promotional Assistance:
This section more so applies to everyone.

***For Blogs, Profile Sites, or Markets sites like

Headers/Banners, Avatars/Icons , Logos, Business Cards and Mailers prices vary upon client and complexity... to get details contact me (sam@samantharomage). I do not print them myself... but I can give you the producer that I use for mine (overnightprints... great quality and fast delivery... free for matte or glossy). I will size and layout them out for you... giving you the proper print ready file as well as a viewable file. If you need loading assistance I'll walk you through the website.

***I'm not going to charge a normal person or a student simply looking for promotional assistance the same as say a company or someone in a well established profession. The range on pay rate will be set at Student/Basic, Middle, and Advance/Professional. I will treat all projects with the same amount of care but costs will vary. 

***I will admit that I'm both a caring person but also like everyone else am in it for a business. So if for those who know me costs will be little to none... fellow MONSTER RATS... don't be afraid to ask me to help you. I'd be happy to as an alumni.

Traditional Illustrations:

This section applies to everyone and anyone.

I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. Illustrations is a passion of mine, I have a degree in it, as well as focus a lot of my work in. I mostly work graphite, watercolor, and acrylic, but have stepped into 3 dimensional illustrations with clay, etc. I really enjoy being creative in general. Feel free to visit my website (I'm currently updating it at the moment). I do new work often so feel free to check in whenever

All prices vary on client and project complexity.

Sewn Electronic Cases: 
Sold on

Electronic cases are hand-sewn from either a wool based felt (wool and rayon) or a polyester blend and stuffed with polyfiber stuffing (for extra padded as needed). There is no difference in price and I, personally, prefer the wool based felts but you have a MUCH larger color variety in the polyester so I decided to give you the choice. 

*Any animal can be made so please don't be afraid to ask for custom commissions (the point of this post). Colors can be to your desire as well.

**All electronic cases can be made as well. Currently I'm making them to ipods, flipphones, keyboard phones, touch phones, and (sushi) ipod nanos. Please specify the model you want to cover... if you have a diferent model from those posted feel free to tell me or give me the dimensions and I'll make one for your model. 

Colors (Wool based):
Solid colors: red, brown, beige, forest green, white, cream, green, green yellow, and black
Granite colors: red, dark grey, cloud blue, light grey, green, and olive green

Colors (polyester based):
*** information coming soon***


Basic: $20 (which means standard animal)
Advanced: $25- $30 (extra detailed animals or animals with minor stuffed props)
Epic: $40 (animals with a lot of details or major props... or dragons... etc)

$5-8 added for shipping in the US and canada (depends on region).
Cost will vary for shipping out of the country. 
If you are buying more than one item there will be no additional charge as it's in the same shipment.

Cakes, Sculptural Cakes, Appetizers/finger foods/ cookies:

All prices range of client, complexity, and quantity.

Sculpture and Puppets:

Petrocks: $12 Please specify the color tone you desire (red, purple, grey, brown, green, blue, etc)... colors may not be exact as they are suppose to appear as rocks which is why I ask for tone. Example:

Hatchlings: information coming soon
Sculptures: information coming soon
Hand "Cradled" Dragon and Creature Marionettes: information coming soon
Caricature Marionettes: information coming soon
Dragon and Creature Marionettes: information coming soon

Shipping for these will vary on region and weight.

Additional Notes:

10% of all proceeds go to charities.

* All payments are via paypal or talk to me if another alternative is needed. 
** Also please note that I have a day job so patience is appreciated. Things will be completed as soon as I can though. I'm just not a magician. Hahaha.