Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Oracle

This is a concept painting for one of my own children's books called Milo's Study. It's a mini series of 40-page children's books. The concept started with just doing 3 books (called Buttons, Bobbles, and Beads)... but it soon grew into this massive project that I'm in love with. I plan for it to be a book series of about 8... each having it's own mini adventure but they add up to being apart of one big one.

The idea behind them is for kids that aren't just yet into young reader's novels but ready to get out of the simpler children's books. It's based around teams of families that have discovered creatures of myth... so I'm intertwining it with some of my own creatures (like the oracle). Most of the creatures for the story will be from world myths such as the gnoll/ goblin, fairies/ pixies, kappa and inari, and so on. Each somewhat having a connection to the deadly sins (why... don't ask... it's a common theme used and I thought it would be fun to play with even though it's rather complex for kids). Some of the team members are on the good side... trying to protect the creatures, their treasures, or what they represent while others are corrupted by greed and are abusing those they once went in search for when they weren't tainted by their desires. I have the books scratched out so far but not to the point of fully explaining each of them.... or want to hahaha. All I can say is that I hope that it will be great... at least in my head it sounds like a rather enjoyable and profitable project.

As for the Oracle (from book one and possibly reoccurs in all of them)... I can at least explain her. An Oracle is generally one that can foresee what will be. I thought an octopus (being that it is a smart and nurturing creature that it would make a GREAT visionary (no the octopus can't talk))... she possesses a massive pearl (crystal ball idea) that can show hints and images. She grants use of it to one of the team members (Milo- the seen as "crazy" grandfather), who is sworn to protect it from all that is corrupt. It is one of the most powerful items of the bunch due to the fact that it can show you what you question about and even don't question about. When Milo comes up missing the granddaughters are able to use it. It is what is left in the picture.

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