Sunday, October 18, 2009

Custom Tabbit Hoodie (for build-a-bears)

So one of my best friends' birthday is this week. She's very much into anthros and is a furry herself. As of right now she's still on a tour called the Soldier Show. The Soldier Show is a traveling performance that the army puts on. Soldiers try out and sing their way around the country as well as a foreign location. It ends in November; but due to the lack of closer locations and clashes with normal life requirements I wasn't able to see her perform (though according to what people have posted on youtube it's really good). Anyways... I wanted to do something UTTERLY amazing for her birthday... and during her tour she has been taking a panda build-a-bear around and taking pictures of it in different locations and in different costumes. I thought it would be a nifty project to try and make a new costume for her panda. Being that she's a furry what could be better?

A while back she was thinking of commissioning me to make cell phone cases for her and her boyfriend (a furry also). She wanted a tabbit for her phone (his character) and a panda-cat (her character) for his phone. So I thought it would be cute, since the bear is already a panda, to make a tabbit hoodie (tiger rabbit). I haven't seen the panda in a hoodie yet plus it's fall so hoodies will be worn. I'd never made a hoodie before this... I've never made a build-a-bear costume either so I definitely was up for the challenge.

So rather that actually going out and looking to see if there was a pattern like the goober I am... I took the harder route and decided to make it from scratch. I modeled a pattern by using a hoodie I had and my own build-a-bear (so I hope it fits hers). The hoodie is made from orange and white fleece. It has two front pockets like a normal hoodie and has a faux zipper (it has snaps for its closure). The hoodie is fully lined and is even finished with its own tag with my signature. It was super fun to make and only took about a week. Since I've never made a hoodie or a build-a-bear suit I'm REALLY stoked that it came out SOOOO great (especially since I've only been sewing for a year). They'd probably make cute hoodies for babies as well (just would need the size). I sort of now want to make one for my build-a-bear (probably a dragon or something)... hahahaha.

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toira said...

im blogging this. you are genius...and a super friend!