Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Dark" the sneak peek!!! (contains a spoiler)

These are just a random few of the finished pages of my current project. For people who don't know I'm illustrating a children's book that a friend, Victoria Chang, wrote about a girl who's afraid of the dark and what she does to protect herself from the monsters in the Dark. Each page was first drawn out on paper, photographed (scanner wasn't big enough hahaha), and edited and painted digitally. Monsta (the little orange monster) is her guardian that she creates to basically be her knight (***spoiler allert***... I'm awful :P). Tory designed him to be orange and purple so I chose to base the rest of the color scheme around yellows and purples to emphasize the light from the... well dark.

This is the cover (above).

and so we begin... (no order and there are more finished... but again it's a sneak peek).

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