Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Clearly some updating is in order

So I moved to a new apt at the end of last month. It's pretty swell, honestly. It's actually in the same building as my last one (because I have that kind of awesome luck that one out of my six neighbors were moving out the same time I was looking and they just so happened to have the one two bedroom apt in the building). Anyways it's REALLY neat. I really loved my last apt but this one is truly even cooler. I'll show pictures later. I just got the livingroom set up over the 4th of July weekend.

Anyways... even though there was a move and I've had a few commissions. I ummm well I never actually posted any of my other art since about June. So I thought I would post it now.

Well In my long list of projects I have a project that is really a present to my best friend/roommate.

He is a HUGE World of Warcraft player. So much so that he knows the world and lore inside and out. He started writing short stories for each of his characters. From what he's done, I must say that he's brilliant. Even though he had told me about some of the backgrounds while he was working on them... nothing beats actually reading them. They are both informative and stylish. He wrote them as biographical events with a bronze dragon narrator (which you even become attached to the narrator when you read it). It's written in a way that explains the individual events and situations PLUS the lore of the world for even those whom don't know can follow. Even a WOW player tends not to know the DEPTH which is WOW. The world is HUGE... the races are PLENTY... and they all have their subgroups, wars, and ways. As a WOW casual player, I could see the world I love and even viewing for people whom know nothing of the world... this is a REALLY entertaining read to discover it. He's only gone through about half of his 30 characters but seriously, I love them so much. I've planned on making a visual spin off... making illustrations for each story.
He may be my best friend... and has been for 6 years... but this isn't some bias that all friends have for each other. I'm a fantasy geek and his writing style is really amazing. So what I've done is created my own "visual narrator". Sort of as if she follows him on his journey (hero and sidekick like we are in person) and visually documents these characters as she meets them or as the story's told to her. So it will be compiled of the characters and a few joke drawings of inside jokes or of the narrators. It's a large project but when I have down time or are practicing or trying something new, I'll work on these.

Other than that I have... well I'm hoping that next years school theme show will be involving the end of the world. Either way I've had an idea for this piece for a long time and wanted to do it. "Out to Play" sort of representing the natural disasters. Basically Gaia is upset for our over usage and is basically seeking revenge with the help of her "child" (wind, drought/fire, earth, and water); and our cities are their play grounds.

Well this is all for now... more to come later!!!

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