Thursday, September 6, 2012

Edible Art

As I mentioned a few blogs ago... cooking and baking is another passion of mine. I thought about making a separate blog completely but really it is an art form... it's just art that's meant to be temporary. And really it's rather soothing to do. So I thought I'd share them with you. All of them are made from scratch (my frosting is a swiss style butter cream recipe) with the exception of the fondant; and this summer I have had an obsession with "checker boarding" (and no I don't have a checker boarding pan... I just cut them myself from two separate cakes).

Mocha and vanilla cinnamon (Tardis "Doctor Who" Cake)

Doctor Who Tardis Cake for a friend

Strawberry cake version 1 (family reunion at my best friend parent's house)

The strawberry cake... the black/purpler is just food coloring

Strawberry cake version 2 (friends birthday)

So those are the cakes I have done over the past few months. I have cupcakes to make for Saturday (sour cream chocolate with peanut butter cream cheese frosting). I have another cake to do in about two weeks. My birthday cake lol. It will be a carrot cake themed as World of Warcraft: Mists of Panderia (which releases on the 25th). Then I have one for early November.

For people that know me and live locally (or individuals in general who live locally), I will take cakes, cupcakes, and cookies... as commissions gig (if given ample notice and deposit).

At some point, I might sell cookies online (meaning shippable) through my etsy... I'm undecided... but I've been playing around with the idea and some ideas for geek themed ones.

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