Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello 2011

So where to now? Well before the year ended I submitted a book, updated my website, and started looking for agents' contact information (since I'm really have no luck with promoting myself). Now things won't stop here... :D! I've planned to enter the new year steam rolling as usual and have. I've gotten 2 character designs- done, a spot illustration- done, my theme show piece- in progress, and a sculpture- in progress. I think I am in need of doing a couple items before I can submit to agents, but I'm really close. I hope that will be happening by the end of Feb. I'm hoping for sooner but time really seems to fly (it's already the 5th) and like all young illustrators know... working to try and get your break in the illustration world is rough especially when you need a 9-5 to survive and pay living expenses.

Gabby and Deity are from a long side project I started planning out a year or two ago. They are from a story that was made up from a collection of my own dreams.

"Gabby" is an orphaned elderling. Elderling are young full-bloods (there are two types of full-bloods: human and creature.... creatures have taken on the name elders to differ themselves from ordinary animals). She's from the creature class Sirenia. Sirenia are hybrid formed humanoids... they have always had a sirenia mother and a human father. Sirenia is a dominant gene for female offspring so all female offspring are called elderlings. She is the last survivor from the town of Avior which was attacked by Raiders. The citizens were torture, murdered, or left for dead. Her legs were shattered and her tongue was ripped out to stop her from trying to defend herself. She some how made her way to the city where she was made fun of by the local children who dubbed her The Jabberwocky. She was soon found and taken in by a group of housemates that have treated her and adopted her as their own child. Her legs are in braces because they had to be rebroken to heal properly. She's been able to develop a new attack and defense.

Deity (her code name) is one of the housemates and is the one that first finds Gabby. She was stationed in a purist city growing up because her father was on the modernization unit. She has the ability to control life energy and energy fields. When she moves back to the city, there was two her. To cope with the intolerance of the purist city her personality split into literally two bodies. Once she gains an esteem the second body begins to fade which makes that second version upset. The other finally disappears and is absorbed after she wins against her in a well needed showdown. She tests her theory of energy fields which boosts her abilities by 10 fold and takes her down. Energy source is everything in this world so that's why she was coined as the deity. She's also been called the puppeteer because of one of her favorite attacks.

I was working on my digital skill versus illustration styles. Cartoonish to more realistic drawings. This is my mom's dog Prince!

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