Sunday, January 9, 2011

New business cards, new mailers, and the start of my theme show entry!

Even though I still have mailers and cards, I needed to make new ones because my work and style has taken a MAJOR jump in the past year. As you can tell I even had to change my blogger header and avatar >.<. So this weekend that was one of the goals and I also did things that I didn't do for my last two runs.

For my mailers I decided to make it with a teaser of pieces rather than one piece of a portrait. Also added some of the funny faces so that it ties into the site and my business cards. For my business card I decided to go with a silly self portrait (the monkey face since I'm known for making it) but did it in a vertical format which my past ones have been horizontal. I know it's more common to hold them horizontal and that's how they sit in holders and everything. It's not particularly standard but my intentions were to be a little out of the ordinary. I usually hand them out vertically (by habit) and if someone sticks it in a book or a folder, I thought it would be a good calling card to have my face peering at them. I hope that this is as effective as I planned.

Then for the theme show, which is wild west, I chose to do an Alice in Wonderland theme. I'm not really into the wild west but we all get themes and projects we aren't happy with, so your job is to make it enjoyable. My first thought was to do a katamari tumbleweed piece with a jackalope; but then I thought about sharp shooter Annie Oakley and thought I could do something fun with her and the jackalope as white rabbit. It may have come from listening to too much anime or anticipating for the movie "Sucker Punch" but this is what I came up with. But I chose to use the common modern pose for her, the parallel of the game, and will add text on the buildings that should help make it even more themed to alice (the train is "The Dodo", the Saloon will be "The Rabbit Hole"). Annie Oakley was a sharp shooter performer who dress fairly conservatively, but what's the wild west without saloon girls. So it will be battle among the old bar maid (the queen) versus the noob starlet (alice/annie).


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