Thursday, November 17, 2011

Growth to a New

As time goes on, we mature and experiment. We try and learn new techniques and try to develop a signature style. I used to be a strictly traditional illustrator. I used watercolors and color pencils... graphite and pens. I actually only tinkering with digital in college and had one class in it. Yes even in my young age, I wasn't fully formally trained in the ways of digital arting; but after I graduated I continued with my exploration with its clean and compact ways. I always told myself that I'd probably never compare but at least I was trying; and there is always more to learn but surely I have been getting better over the years. I seem to make a technical jump every year. So without further ado... presenting my latest style:

I have been practicing with a project for my best friend. He had created amazing backgrounds and short stories for his World of Warcraft characters, so I have been doing character drawings of them for him. These are characters 20 and 2 (out of 30) that I've done (or redone... as originally I started in an older style but it just wasn't working for us) for him. 

And on an extremely recent note, Monday my job came victim to what many others are going through. I was unfortunately laid off. So while I'm job search I have also been trying to keep myself busy and work on my art. This was a commission I did for someone last night.


lindsay althea said...

I love it, love it.. LOVE IT! Keep up the awesome work please! ^_^


Eee thankies!!!