Thursday, December 8, 2011

SCBWI contest entry and other news.

The SCBWI is having a contest that is due mid this month. The entries are based on a certain passage from the story of Chicken Little (where the group runs into Turkey Lurkey). This was my submission. It was drawn and colored completely digitally.

On other news... still unemployed. I've applied to LOTS of places but no one's even called for an interview. Well still plugging away. 

Also I was contacted but a group called FHQ aka Firehouse Quilts out of Colorado. They make and donate quilts to children from fire sites and to abused women and children. So GREAT group. They heard my name while attending one of my uncle's fabric arts seminars and thought I'd be able to help them out. They are looking for a new look to make them feel more professional. Which I like volunteering and donating so I said sure :D!!! 


Brad said...

Beautiful dePaola Award entry, Samantha. Since emailing mine out last night, I've been surfing around the web looking for others.

Yours is really impressive!

nina fecit said...

Very, very nice! One of the best I saw so far. Great work!