Monday, December 12, 2011

Pepper and Mint

Ummm so this is my e-card because I... well didn't make it in time to get them printed... hahaha. But next year she'll be printed. She came to mind at last minute. 

Well I'm a tad old fashion when it comes to holidays. I'm not an uber OMG CHRISTMAS... as I hate that it's soooo commercialized... "lets buy the most things"... and "ooo the sales". That's not what the holidays mean to me. But I can't lie... I like the old concept of the winter holiday and that's pretty much how I think of it.

Meaning of the Winter Holiday to me:
1. Food: making food, eating food, and sharing food.
2. Smells: cookies, spice, and pine
3. ♥: Caring, sharing, and charity
4. Magic: Elves... elves... and more elves :D I'm a nerd

I will probably make more and call them Little Winter Wonders. This is Pepper and Mint.

1 comment:

Sleeper said...

She's really adorable Samantha. A very classic Christmas elf. I nice tribute to your Winter Holiday list.