Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trolleys and Drabbit

So I tried working on the Boston Trolley Contest... but really they were horrible at planning it. 

A: They gave no dimensions... not even a ratio. They simply said that they needed a design for a partial wrap for a 13 ft tall aquatic trolley... 

B: They wanted high res images sent as attachments. To send a high res image.... large enough for a Trolley... or so you could blow them up to fit a Trolley... it wouldn't be through an attachment. Most emails can only send between 10 to 20 mb... (10 for the more common emails). So attaching it is literally impossible.

I made sketches and planned... went all the way to color sketches. Then I got sick and I said screw it... I was getting frustrated with guessing  and was sick so I decided to draw a Drabbit instead... hahaha. It's spring so it gave me an excuse. Spring involves bunnies, chocolate, and eggs... and drabbits like chocolate and hatch from eggs so it works.

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